Mustafa Ahmed Mustak
Mr Mustak is an accomplished poet, writer, journalist, community worker and political activist. He was born into a noble Muslim family in Chorchondi, Biswanath in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He later moved to Sylhet town with his parents, Mr Abdur Rouf and Piara Begum. His late father Mr Rouf was a successful businessman of Shulove Basralay and the First Chairman of Daulotpur Union Parishod. In his personal life, he is the father of three children.

Before migrating to the United Kingdom in 1989, Mustak had completed his BSc from Sylhet MC University College in Bangladesh. Mustak continued his education in the UK, attaining a Diploma in Insurance and Finance, Supervisory Management, Youth & Community, and Immigration Law. Having completed his LLB Honours from the University of Salford, Mustak is in his final year of training to become a Barrister and completing his Master’s in Law.

Before starting his immigration law business in Oldham, Mustak held many senior management and leadership roles in the public and private sectors. He served as Housing & Community Development Officer at Tameside Council from 1991 to 1996, as a Senior Advisor at Rochdale Bangladesh Association from 1996 to 1999, and as Project Manager with Oldham Glodwick Bangladesh Society from 2002 to 2004. From 2005 – 2010, he runs his immigration law practice. Since 2011, he has been running a business in Oldham known as Supreme & Co and provides an advice centre in Coldhurst.

Mustak is a prominent social activist and politician, starting his political journey as a student and taking part in and leading many local and national campaigns in Bangladesh, for which then-President Hussain Mohammed Ershad praised his contribution.  After he arrived in the UK, he joined mainstream British politics. He actively took part in local and national campaigns, simultaneously holding the position of elected Assistant General Secretary of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, London Branch, Press Secretary of the UK BNP, and Founding President of the UK Nationalist Student Party.

Mustak is the founding Director of Croft Millennium Park, STC Community Centre and Hyde Credit Union. Mr Mustak is the Chairperson and Director of the Tigers International Association, managing the TIA Advice and Training Centre. He is also actively involved in various other social and cultural organisations. He was also involved as a director of Tower Hamlet Homeless Families Campaign, Voluntary Action Oldham and Action Together.

Mustak is the editor-in-chief of Probash online newspaper and a presenter and producer of PB24 Online TV. He has worked as a representative of Channel S GreaterManchester and ATN Bangla’s presenter successfully hosted many Community Dialogues
and Community Praveen.

Mustak authored many popular books, and his literary works in poetry and research are widely used and enjoyed by many.
1. Billethe Bangladeshi (Bengali and English), April 2000.
2. Setu Bandhan (edited), 1998 and 2000.
3. Life in the UK Citizenship Test Guide (Bangla & English) September 2007.

4. History of Bangladeshis in Greater Manchester (English), March 2013.
5. Consciousness – Poetry book, February 2021.
6. Bangladeshis in Manchester (Oral History) Volume I (English), November 2021.
7. Bangladeshis in Manchester (Oral History) Volume II (English), March 2023.
8. Silence Makes Me Cry (Love Poem), 2023.
9. Chetona (Poetry of the country), 2023.
10. Billethe (Manchester) Bangladeshi, (Research book) 2023.
11. Lives of Bangladeshis in Britain 50 video documentaries, (2007 – 2010), Oral History Project, Manchester, UK.

Mr Mustak is an Independent Councillor Candidate in Coldhurst ward and we are seeking your prayers and support.
Please Vote for M. A. Mustak

Why Vote for Mustak:
 Perceptive politician and community organiser.
 Over 35 years of experience in community-related work.
 Expert advisor on housing, education, immigration, and benefits.
 Background in Law.
 Office based in Coldhurst – ready to serve the community.

If he is elected, he will: 
 Represent the wider community.
 Work towards developing easy-to-use local services.
 Work with local businesses to create job opportunities.
 Hold discussions with stakeholders to build more affordable social housing.
 Liaise with law enforcement agencies to eradicate crime and anti-social behaviour.
 Take the initiative to introduce a much-needed credit union facility for the local community.
 Help facilitate daycare centre services for the elderly.
 Will campaign against rising council tax.
 Work towards building a sustainable and vibrant community to live and work.

Council Election in Oldham:

Irrespective of party affiliation, please allow yourself to serve by voting for independent candidate Mustafa Ahmed Mustak in the local councillor election on 2 May 2024.


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